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Multi-Event Home Brew Competition

About The Cup

The Knife Hand Brewers Cup was designed to be a multi-event home brew competition that would run throughout the year. With each event being a different style to be submitted, it gives the entrants time to figure out what they want to brew, perfect, and submit in order to gain the most points they can. Each competition will be split up in to multiple categories. For example:

  • Chesty Puller Brew Off - Weekend of June 26
    • This event will consist of all hop forward beers. IE: American Pale, British Pale, All IPA Categories, Barley Wines, etc.
  • Each of the BJCP Categories that are chosen will be split up to make 3-5 Competition Categories, with sub-categories assigned to them.
    • IE: BJCP Categories are 11, 12C, 17D, 18B, 21, 22A, 22C, 24B
    • These may be split up as follows:
      • Low-Gravity - American and European Pale Ales
      • Hoppy - IPA's in any format
      • High Gravity - IIPA+, Barley Wine
  • Each Competition Category will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place that will earn not only Placement Medals and Awards, but also points towards the overall Best Of Show Winner.

Once Judging has been completed for all of the year's competitions, an event will be held locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to announce the winners of the Chesty Puller Brew Off, and the overall Best Of Show winner! Prizes for overall Best Of Show winner, as well as 2nd B.O.S. and 3rd B.O.S. are still being determined.

All awards and prizes will be listed on each of the individual registration pages for the events.

Current Standings

Kuumba Smith - 8 points
Joseph Liston - 5 points
James Rodrigues - 5 points
Damon Lacey - 4 Points
Ernie Smith - 3 Points
Nick Thomason - 2 Points
Robert Scroggs - 2 Points
Ken Muir - 1 Point
Gary Black - 1 Point
Stuart Maples - 1 Point
Jarrett Long - 1 Point


Archibald's Brew Off

January 21, 2018

Chesty Puller Brew Off

June 24, 2018

Warrior Monk Brew Off

Coming in the 2018/2019 Cup!

Past Winners

Currently no past winners. We are in our first year!


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